Ceramic COatings

We are accredited certified detailers in ceramic coatings, meaning not only are we trained and skilled but also able to offer a warranty for on our products.  

Why Apply A Ceramic Coating

Your car is exposed to the elements every day with grit, salt and UV rays. If unprotected the paint will start to corrode and lose its deep gloss shine.


This not only affects the visual appeal of a car but also the resale value. 

Benefits Of Ceramic Coatings

The coating not only protects the vehicle but also gives it a glossy shine that makes it stand out among other cars. After washing, it always looks as though there’s a fresh coat of wax/sealant on it without having to re-apply the ceramic coating.


It protects the paintwork from UV Rays, most notably, the sun will oxidise and fade out the paintwork, making it look faded, dull and old.


The hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating makes it easier to clean and maintain your vehicle. Ceramic coatings will not wash off your vehicle over time, as car shampoo and water are not strong enough to do this.

Seats & Carpet Protection

Hydrophobic stain resistant coatings – can be used to protect carpets, mats, fabric, vinyl, leather and convertible roof tops.       

More About Product

Using the latest state of the art technology range of ceramic coatings which enable your car to look its best, in ‘showroom condition’ for longer. Enhancing every detail from the depth of colour to the slickness of the finish.

Specifically designed and rigorously tested by expert chemists, they meet the needs of experienced detailing professionals and vehicle enthusiasts alike, to protect the value of your investment.

Ceramic coatings deliver outstanding results. With up to 8 years durability.

Ceramic coatings provide resistance to weather, abrasion, marring, temperature, chemicals, and contaminants forming a strong bond to the surface they will not melt, crack or wear off.


Additional Ceramic Coating & Wax

By applying a ceramic coatings to the paintwork, you are creating a highly repellent harder 9H layer to the surface.
It will help to protect your car from fallout, droppings, tar and even minor scratches.
*Cars that require Synergy Ceramic Wax or Synergy Ceramic Lite may also require Clay Bar*

*Synergy Ceramic Wax – 1 Year Protection – £70 + VAT* 
*Synergy Ceramic Lite Coating  – 1 Year £130 + VAT* 
Ceramic Coating – 3 years £375 + VAT
Ceramic Coating – 5 years £500 + VAT
Ceramic Coating – 8 years £650 + VAT
Wheels Front Face Ceramic Coated – From £100 + VAT (4 wheels)
Wheels Front Face & Inner Ceramic Coated – From £140 + VAT (4 wheels)
Windows / Glass Ceramic Coating – From £50 + VAT
Brake Calipers – (£POA)
Exhaust Tips – (£30)
Door Sills (£40)