• Alloy Sealant Protection - All Cars (Per Wheel)

    Our "Alloy Sealant Protection" detailing process will be applied and worked on in 3 stages, removing any debris attached to it over time while protecting them from any contaminants that usually grip on the alloys.

  • Auto Glym HD Wax Enhancement

    Our “HD-Wax Enhancement” is aimed to give your car a mirror reflecting finish, making water and rain run off the body work giving it a "beading" effect while protecting your car's paintwork, this will also preventing it from getting affected as much by weather conditions. Please see below leaflet for details.

  • A-Glaze Protection Sealant (Inc. Full Valet)

    We are also the only authorised valet company in the north east of Scotland who are able to offer you A-GLAZE surface protection sealant for your vehicle. This service consists of, your car being fully valeted prior to hand application of the A-Glaze surface protection sealant polish. You also receive a 5 year guarantee with this service and a certificate with all your car details.

    From £300
  • Convertible Hoods

    Without maintenance, you can expect a convertible hood to last around 6-8 year. Convertible hoods are tough to keep clean and are prone to fading, when not maintained. Kept outside they can age very quickly. Fabric hoods can attract mould and moss, while the plastic rear windows often fitted can become cloudy and scratch easily, cared for properly will double it’s life span. As a replacement hood can cost between £600 and £3000 depending on the model, it makes good sense to reproof your hood every three years. Even reproofing once of twice in a lifetime can pay dividends.
    Clean Hood Only From £30.00
    Clean Hood + Weather Protection From £70.00
    Clean Hood + Weather Protection + Recolor From £150.00

    From £30
  • Engine Treatment - All Vehicles

    Our "Engine Treatment" will restore the look of your engine bay, removing all oil, grease, dirt and dust attached to it, treating plastic and rubber components leaving them shining and reviving their colour.

    From £30
  • Paint Repair - Clay Bar Detailing

    Our "Clay Bar Application" detailing process is used to safely remove any contaminants that have managed to penetrate the surface of your paintwork and grip to it making it almost impossible to remove in a normal wash. This will give your paintwork a very smooth and clean finish.

  • Power Polish Paint Correction

    The "Paintwork Correction" detail addition will remove light to medium scratches, swirl marks and holograms, this process is machine and hand applied in 3 stages.

  • Air Conditioning Cleaner

    Air con bomb provides a fast and effective way to sanitise and deodorise vehicle interiors. Air-conditioning systems draw external air into cars and, despite the presence of filters, it's not unusual for spores and other organic contaminants find their way into the maze of pipes and ducts that supply treated air to the passenger compartment. Due to the rapid cooling that occurs when the air-conditioning is employed, condensation often forms on the internal surfaces of the air distribution system, and this provides an ideal breeding ground for the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. This often produces unpleasant odours when the air-conditioning system is used. The air con bomb combats such odours by killing such organisms with a bactericide and depositing molecules that effectively disable odours at their source. The inside of the air-conditioning system and the vehicle interior are thus left sanitised and protected against odour outbreaks for up to six months.